Original Painting

Original painting framed in white with silver trim

Price on enquiry

410x310mm - Enquire

Postage and handling extra

WATERCOLOUR ON WOOD This is a new technique by renown watercolour artist Dez Smith. After having open heart surgery and suffering a stroke getting back into painting has always been my goal and it's so good for the mind and soul. This new method of painting allows me to stop and start and if I do require to take a poppy nap with Bluey I can then come back to the painting at a later stage. When varnished in gloss it almost takes on the appearance of an oil painting, except it's Watercolour. I have been experimenting with this new technique for a while now and I'm enjoying where it's taking me. By applying 2 coats of clear sealer and then 2 coats of Gesso to the wood which stops any acid from the wood coming through and then by Adding 2 coats of Art Spectrum fine tooth Colourfix Primer this allows you to paint watercolours onto the wood. When I'm happy with the painting I then apply 2 coats of varnish and it's ready to frame no need for glass.

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Dez Smith
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